Alyaka AMBUJA nude foam 100ml

Alyaka AMBUJA nude foam

Nude Foam by Ambuja clarifies skin and enhances ultimate purification. The optimal shielding protector for ultra-sensitive facial skin. The moisture magnet fights free radicals and removes pore-clogging dead cells. The fabulously luxe, satiny opulent cleansing foam provides vital antioxidant protection, eliminates impurities and creates a flawless complexion. Superficial and deep-purifying effect.

The holistic 2 in1 cleanser replenishes and tones the skin because of the inclusion of a holistic blend of multi-functional, plant-based bioactives. The rebalancing lotus cell water soothes skin while the invigorating, amino acid-rich green coconut water helps restore skin. Nebeday peptides remove all micro-particles.

Skin protection for 24/7, day and night protocol. Urban pollution shield for a youthful glow and vibrant skin. Recommended for urban skin. nude foam is recommended for daily use. Cleansing is the first step to achieving youthful-looking and radiant skin.

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Key ingredients

Lotus Cell Water + Green Coconut Water = BIOCULAR FORMULA

  • Precious Nebeday peptides for superficial and deep purifying effect
  • Sophisticated anti-pollution shield
  • Excellent protective and shielding effect against digital pollution
  • Infused with a holistic blend of lemon distillate
  • Replenishes and tones skin instantly and deeply
  • Rebalancing and remineralizing lotus cell water
  • Antioxidant protection system
  • Green coconut water to promote regeneration

0% parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, paraffins, silicones, sulfates, synthetic colourants or fragrances, radioactively irridated ingredients, genetically engineered and produced ingredients or ingredients of animal origin.

Loaded with 100% ingredients of natural origin and no additional water. 100% eco-luxe skincare handmade in Ambuja’s own manufacturing facilities in Bavaria/ Germany.

Composition loaded with 79.6% certified organic/ 100% natural bioactive ingredients.

Ambuja never tests on animals.

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